Outing Agreement

For Groups of 9 or more

NAME OF GROUP:________________________________
DATE OF EVENT:_________________________________
NO. OF PLAYERS: _________ @ $ ______ per player (Includes Greens Fee and a Cart for each player)

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:____________________________
CANCELLATION DATE:_______________________________

The undersigned as the representative for ______________________ (the "Group") and the New Cape Cod Country Club, Inc., d/b/a Cape Cod Country Club ("The Golf Club") agree that a Golf Outing will be held at the Cape Cod Country Club on the date and time as outlined in this Agreement.

  1. The Golf Club hereby acknowledges receipt of a deposit in the amount of $ to secure an 18 hole Golf Outing (the "Outing") to be held at Cape Cod Country Club at the above indicated date and time. The Outing will include 18 holes of golf with a cart.
  2. There is no food being served as a part of this Outing.
    The Group has estimated the number of players above. The Group will furnish the Golf Club with updated player count at least 10 days before the Outing. Up to the date of the outing, the player count may be increased for extra players subject to the approval of the Golf Club in its sole discretion. The Group shall guarantee payment for a minimum of _____ players which is _________ Dollars.
  3. Payment for the Outing shall be as follows:

    a. deposit receipt of which is acknowledged;

    b. The balance of the estimated Outing price shall be due and payable on _____. The sum will be charged to the listed credit card unless timely payment is received in another form.

    c. If the final count is modified, any extra fees shall be paid before the close of the event. All payments on the day of the event shall be in certified or cashier's check.

    d. All payments are guaranteed by the listed credit card.

  4. The Outing will begin as:

    • Shotgun start at _____a.m.
    • The first tee time shall be _____ a.m.

    The Golf Club reserves the right to determine, in the Golf Club's sole discretion, whether the Outing will be a shotgun start or started by tee times. The Golf Course will not be closed for outside play unless the Group guarantees a minimum of 144 players. The manner of the start shall be at the sole discretion of the Golf Club.

  5. All food and beverages must be purchased from the Golf Club. Players or other members of the Group shall not be permitted to bring in their own food or beverages of any kind. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the golf course or in parking areas.
  6. The Outing shall take place without regard to weather, course condition or any other circumstances EXCEPT HOWEVER the Management of the Golf Club may cancel the Outing or terminate the Outing once it has begun where, in the sole judgment of Management: a. The Golf Course is unplayable; b. There is a risk of damage to the Golf Course; c. Unsafe conditions; d. Any other reason which Management deems appropriate to assure safety of individuals or protection of property.

    In the event that the Outing is canceled by Management, a prorated "rain check" credit will be issued in accordance with the practices of the Golf Club.

  7. The Group shall be responsible for any and all damage to the property of the Golf Club.

  8. The Tournament Director is agent and representative of the Group. As Tournament Director the undersigned agrees that he/she has read the attached Rules and Regulations. The undersigned further agrees that all laws, rules and regulations will be discussed with the players and guests of the Group. The Group agrees to abide by (and enforce among the group) all applicable laws and all of the rules and regulations of the Golf Club.

  9. It is the obligation of the Tournament Director to inform all players about golf etiquette and matters of safety which relate to golf and the operation of a golf cart. It is the obligation of the Tournament Director(s) and the Group itself to ensure the safety of the players and to assure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations which relate to safety and safe operation of golf carts.

  10. The group may cancel the outing on or before the Cancellation Date (45 days before the outing date), and receive a full refund (or credit card credit) of all payments made up to that date. After Cancellation Date there shall be no refunds of any sums paid. All monies paid are non-refundable and no credit will be issued for future golf or merchandise.

I agree that the full price due under this agreement may be charged to the following credit card:

Name (as it appears on credit card)


Credit Card # ________________________________________
MC, AMEX, DISCOVER, VISA (circle one)

Expiration Date ______________________________________

Signature ___________________________________________

Cape Cod Country Club

Date: ___________________________

John Munroe, PGA Professional

Date: ___________________________

Tournament Director's Signature