Hole Overviews

Hole 1

#1 Par 4 • 325 yds

You want to hit a tee shot 200-210 yards, which will leave you with a 100-110 yard approach shot to an elevated small green.

Hole 2

#2 Par 3 • 207 yds

Most players hit a mid iron shot to a green that’s protected by two bunkers.

Hole 3

#3 Par 5 • 495 yds

A reachable par 5 in two. Keep your tee shot right to avoid a large fairway bunker on the left. This will leave a shot of 200-230 yards into the green guarded by bunkers on the right and left.

Hole 4

#4 Par 4 • 425 yds

Hit your tee shot left of center to avoid the out-of-bounds to the right. A good tee shot leaves a long iron or fairway wood to green. It’s better to be short than long. Take note of the Greenside bunker on the left.

Hole 5

#5 Par 4 • 430 yds

On this straightaway par 4, a good tee shot will leave a mid iron approach into our largest green. Avoid the large bunker to the front and left of the green.

Hole 6

#6 Par 5 • 520 yds

Lay up off the tee to avoid the large ravine on right side. This will leave you 300 yards to the green. Stay left on your second shot. The third shot calls for a short iron approach to a green guarded by bunkers on the right side.

Hole 7

#7 Par 4 • 315 yds

Hole 8

#8 Par 4 • 417 yds

Play to the right of the center (fairway slopes left) off the tee. This will leave a long 2nd shot to a slightly elevated green that slopes from back to front. Green is guarded by bunkers front, left, and right with a water hazard behind the green. Take a 4 and run.

Hole 9

#9 Par 3 • 165 yds

On this beautiful par 3, water threatens right, left, and in front of the tee. Bunkers protect the front of green. Wind plays a big factor.

Hole 10

#10 Par 4 • 425 yds

Slight dogleg left. A good tee shot will leave you with a long iron or fairway wood to a well protected green.

Hole 11

#11 Par 5 • 545 yds

Long dog leg left. Generally a 3 shot hole. Bunkers are right and rear of the green.

Hole 12

#12 Par 3 • 265 yds

Bunkers guard both sides of the green on this very long par 3.

Hole 13

#13 Par 5 • 490 yds

A good tee shot gives you a chance to reach this par 5 in 2. Do not go left – the road is out-of-bounds. The prudent play is to lay up on your second shot and hit a short iron into this elevated green.

Hole 14

#14 Par 4 • 365 yds

A good tee shot leaves a middle iron approach to this elevated green. Miss this green to either side and you face bogey or worse.

Hole 15

#15 Par 3 • 190 yds

This tricky par 3 generally plays to about 175 yards. If you miss this green to the right, you will end up at the bottom of the hill in the 14th fairway.

Hole 16

#16 Par 3 • 205 yds

Bunkers protect the left and rear of the green on this long par 3. Note the out-of-bounds to the left of the greenside bunkers.

Hole 17

#17 Par 4 • 315 yds

Stay left off the tee to avoid the lateral hazard that runs the length of the right side of this hole. This challenging green is well bunkered.

Hole 18

#18 Par 4 • 330 yds

The smart play calls for an iron off the tee to set up a 125-140 yard approach shot to this elevated green. Long hitters can drive the green. A small lateral hazard lies to the left of the fairway.